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Autumn 2010

Installation of new greenhouse automation near Warszawa. 3.0 hectar area is divided into 4 different climate sections, each controlled with Itumic's Multi Station 100 controller. New area almost doubled the tomato growing area of this nursery.

Warsaw 1
Warsaw 2

Installation of Novarbo® cooling system in Holland. This water cooling/ de-humidifier system is developed by Finnish company Biolan & Novarbo and Itumic's controllers take care of the system functions. In addition to conventional possibilities like heating, ventilation etc.

Novarbo 1
Novarbo 2
Novarbo 3

New projects in Croatia

In January a new installation of Multi Station 100 controllers was made near Split. Among other things, these controllers and programs now make it possible to control greenhouses from Zagreb where the owner is living.

Split 1
Split 2
Split 3

Also a place near Slatina was visited. Nursery is controlled by fertilizer mixer ITU Mix Station and climate controller ITU Multi Station 100. Tomatoes are starting to grow...

Slatina 1
Slatina 2
Slatina 3

In Croatia you get more information from Hidroponija d.o.o. ,
Mr. Branimir Medaric +385 99 5780580

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