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Fertilizer mixers ITU Mix Station

ITU Mix Station is an irrigation and fertiliser controller in which you have all the features of an advanced fertiliser mixer.

Irrigation and fertilising take place according to actual need and are not based on indirect measurements. The control of dosing valves can be divided into groups according to the greenhouses. Irrigation is activated independently in the groups, according to the irrigation and fertilising recipes. Based on the fertilising recipes the mixer mixes raw water and stock solutions to produce fertilised irrigation water for the plants. The regulator also includes a versatile self diagnostic- and alarming program.

Our product range fulfils almost all needs. Below you can see some of our models

It is possible to upgrade your old Priva, Netafim, Senmatic etc. fertilizer mixers with new electronics from us. You can use the old frame and save money because you only need electronics and get all the latest features and possibilities for your irrigation.

ITU Mix Station 300-30

  • Pump capacity: 2-22m³/h
  • Max. Number of stock solutions: 8
  • Max number of irrigation valves: 60

This mixer is equipped with small mixing tank thus providing very fast process. This is ideal if different fertilizer recipes are used in different irrigation groups.

Reliable venturi based dosing is accurate and practically maintenance free.

ITU Mix Station 300 AP

MS300 AP

Best solution for big areas. Pump capacities up to 65m3/h. Includes numerous fine details like pressure stabilizers, soft start of the pump, double sensors etc.

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