over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and designing advanced climate and irrigation control systems for greenhouses

Itumic produces state of the art control systems for greenhouses. We are located in the middle of Finland and in addition to our major role in Finnish greenhouse business, have also export to many other European countries.

Climate Controllers

This system is based on de-centralized architecture. An installation may be started with one control area and expanded easily and cost-effectively to other greenhouse areas. Grower pays only for the features and hardware he needs now.

Fertilizer mixers

ITU Mix Station is an irrigation and fertiliser controller in which you have all the features of an advanced fertiliser mixer. Our product range fulfils almost all needs.

Supplies and Sensors

IItumic produces most of the sensors, which are needed for controlling the greenhouse environment. We have a wide variety of sensors made by ourselves and also by other reliable manufactures.

Itumic service

ITUMIC’s local representatives in different countries help you with all service needs.