Climate Controllers for Green houses

This system is based on de-centralized architecture. An installation may be started with one control area and expanded easily and cost-effectively to other greenhouse areas. Grower pays only for the features and hardware he needs now.

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System and controller programs are developing continuously, thus giving growers new features with only a marginal program update cost. Our latest feature is wireless operation of irrigation valves and wireless measurement of conditions in substrate (T,EC,W%) and climate (T,RH% etc.)

ITU Multi Station 100

ITU Multi Station 100 is a versatile and easy to use controller for growing conditions. It’s features, including usability and various control programs, gives you a unique possibility to control the growing conditions.
The equipment is used for controlling one climate sector of your greenhouse. It measures the environment conditions and with the help of other control equipment it adjusts the conditions of the climate zone according to the user’s demands.
It can function as a single stand-alone controller or as a part of ITU CAG control system. Controllers are connected to each other via ITU LAN local network.
If you have older Itu Multi Station 10 it’s easy to ubgrade to MS100 and you get all the new features.

Remote control

ITU CAG system can be attached to internet and/or local network. User may then control the system from anywhere. Network based ITU CAG system makes it even more easier to use the system and control the greenhouses conditions.

Transmission of alarms with ITU GSM

GSM equipment can be attached to ITU CAG system. The user can define which critical alarms he wants the system to alert via SMS. Any of the measurements in ITU CAG system can be transmitted to any GSM phone. The system has a versatile and easy to use program to control the settings and the data sent. You can also use interactive communication and with message ask the system to send a certain measuring data.